Trinity Methodist Church, Brentgovel St, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 1EB

From September, Trinity (10am) and Northumberland Avenue (11.15am) will be open for worship on the first Sunday of each month, with advance booking required, social distancing and face-masks. For Sunday 6th December, please book for Trinity (10am) via David Wakeford and for Northumberland Avenue (11.15am) via Susan Foreman.
This is the letter which describes how it will all work - please read it, and decide whether you would like to take part in worship in the Church buildings. View/download as pdf.
Personal Risk Assessment - as described in the 're-open' letter: View/download as pdf.
The Zoom services will continue, and the service will also still be available on this website, and in paper form. For details of Zoom-ing options, see the Home page.

The service for the Bury St Edmunds Methodist Circuit on

We are all invited to join together for worship on Sunday morning at 10am. If you can't make 10am, then please follow the service at a time that suits you.

The service is available as a (pre-recorded) video on this page, and also as a pdf file - use whichever you prefer.
It is also available as a live Zoom service. See the Home page for details.
[A word about the video - it is split into different parts for reasons of filesize and copyright. There are links to embedded YouTube hymns, which can't be downloaded for copyright reasons. I aim to run these automatically, but whether this works depends upon your Browser (Chrome, IE, ...). If it gets stuck, you may need to run the YouTube video manually, and then click on the "Next Clip" button when it has finished.]
So now - scroll down to get the first video in the centre of your screen, and press 'play' ...

Worship Sheet for : View/download as pdf.

[Or, if my video-flowing progammming doesn't work on your pc/browser (shame!) - if all else fails, here are links to open the videos on new pages - you'll have to 'play' them manually one at a time, and skip the adverts at the start of the YouTube clip:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4